Due Credit

While I have worked on well over a thousand projects since I first picked up a camera, this website showcases the most current projects in a vast portfolio of work.  I tend to work alone, shooting and directing nearly all of my work, and I’ve edited every single project on this site, but when I have collaborated it’s been with great people.  


Allen Koppe ACS and I made our first music video together in 1989.  Al has gone on to great heights and some of the work on this site is his.  We co-shot the Westfield films ‘The Opening Begins’ (with additional shooting by Ray Palin, Gideon Jennings and Justin Wood), ’A New Home, A New Era’ and ‘Portrait of a Construction Worker’.  We also co-shot the Taj Blue Hotel film, JP Morgan signage and Breezes TVC. Allen shot the Highgate Hill film, City Finance TVC and Human Nature 'People Get Ready' video.


For almost as long as I’ve worked with Allen Koppe, I’ve been doing work for Chris Moss, back in the days when I was making rock and pop clips and Mossy was running major record companies.  Chris and his wife Nicole Salisbury run the extremely successful marketing and events company EMG (Entertainment Marketing Group). They’re behind the ABIA (Australian Book Industry Association), Hachette, Electronic Arts and OVO accounts.


Mark Llewellynn is a master storyteller with a stills camera.  Mark’s photos feature prominently on the Portrait of a Construction Worker, Building Carindale and JP Morgan signage films.


Justin Wood’s work is pretty obvious on the Lee Kernaghan, Sunny Cowgirls and Dianna Corcoran clips as well as the ABIAs and Hachette event films. Justin also operated a camera on the Robertson Brothers live video and one of the Westfield films.  Besides the CRT commercials, Ruralco and property development films, the graphics work in every other piece on this site is generated by Justin, as is this website.


Blueprint Production and Management are also major contributors to this site, with Rachel and Kate Shea having produced and handled the accounts for all of the Property Development films (of which there have been a great many), the Taj Blue film, Breezes TVCs and the GEP Startup Games video.  All of the property development films and the AV Jennings Christmas Campaign TVC are directed by Mike Boswell


One of my most successful collaborations has been with Dean Morison and Rohan Quail of Coo’ee Advertising. Coo’ee are behind the Ruralco, CRT and Akubra accounts.  Rohan also creates the graphics for the Ruralco and CRT work. 


Unfortunately, I don’t have all the photographic credits for the property development films, so if you’re reading this, contributed those shots and would like an acknowledgement, please email me.



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